Y Goeden Chwedleuwr / The Storyteller Tree

The mist is clearing ... what happens next?


September 17thCarmarthenshire Bogs Project - National Botanic Garden of Wales.
For peat's sake! - Storytelling in the pond (with coracles), in the round-houses and maybe we'll venture out past the bluestone to the Ghost Forest.
11am - 4pm, The National Botanic Garden of Wales, SA32 8HN.
September 17th-18thTwrch Trwyth Festival, Ammanford Town Park.
Our first ever being in two places at the same time! We have recruited, persuaded, cajoled the excellent Hearth Storytellers to cover us on Saturday while we're at the Gardens. Then we get to do some medieval boarishness on Sunday.
October 28th
The Bwci-Bo, Boggart and Evil Chancey Thing, Miner's Theatre, Ammanford.
All Hallow's Eve, malicious spirits walk abroad. Be afraid: in the dark no-one can see you scream. Storyteller Tree loves traditional storytelling but when you're up against the Bwci-Bo there is no avoiding mimes, clowns and who knows what else. Suitable for adults and children aged 12+.
November 12thSpoken Word Saturday.
We shall speak. Words. Not sure which ones or in which order. But hopefully they will make sense in an entertaining way. Or words will be had.